Other details from the patch notes

Aside from those, the latest patch will feature Survivor Reset or most popularly known as free Mindwipe. Through this, players must maintain the same level until level 100 and must have all the stat and engram points refunded. New dinosaurs will be added to the game: survivors will now get their hands on dinosaurs like the Giant Bee, Daeodon, Liopleurodon, and Kentrosaurus. Furthermore, new items will be introduced including the TEK Cloning Chamber, where players can have their favorite tamed creature cloned. To be able to do this, survivors need to have Element Shards made from the TEK replicator station. Tek Megalodon Saddle, Tek Turret and Tek Grenades will also be added in the game. Apart from this, there will be new hairstyle and facial hair as well as more than 20 fresh Explorer notes.

The console patches will roll out at 4:00 PM eastern time for Xbox and 4:30 PM eastern time for PlayStation. The update for Xbox weighs in approximately 18 GB, while the PlayStation version is a slightly smaller 8.79 GB. #Console Update